Talking Change Influence with Friska Wirya

Friska Wirya

Change management influencer Friska Wriya shares how to create change

Friska is a change management consultant, author and speaker known for her innovative approach creating influence. Friska combines style with substance and has spoken to groups at TEDx, Microsoft & Salesforce, as well as being featured in publications including Vogue, SmartCompany & Harper’s Bazaar. She sat down with ChangePlan’s Gavin Wedell to discuss how change managers can build influence.

This conversation is part of a podcast hosted by ChangePlan. Today, we are speaking with Friska Wirya, the CEO of Fresh by Friska. Friska is a renowned change management expert who has amassed a following of over 25,000 people on LinkedIn. Known for her innovative and glamorous approach to change management, Friska combines style with substance as she navigates the complex world of organizational change.

As the CEO of Fresh by Friska, she focuses on providing cutting-edge change management strategies to organizations across various industries. Friska’s journey began with a strong foundation in general management consulting before transitioning to her current role as an influential change management thinker. She emphasizes the importance of personal branding and authenticity in her work, which has helped her build a robust network and establish herself as a leader in the field. Through her experiences and insights, Friska aims to help organizations and individuals navigate change effectively.


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