All you need to manage the people-side of your project

Activity planner

  • A menu of suggested activities to choose from
  • Ensures your plan doesn't rely too heavily on any one activity type
  • Sample templates mean less time wasted in PowerPoint

Your Change Management Report

  • Generated automatically
  • Your timeline of all activities planned
  • Monitor & track progress
  • No more clumsy Excel nastiness

Share with one-click

  • Demonstrate to project sponsors that you’re properly managing stakeholders
  • Keep managers & colleagues informed and up-to-date
People-affected (3)

Manage stakeholders

  • Track all people affected by your project
  • Prevents confusion and resistance by ensuring no one is left out of the loop

Assign activities to your team

  • Everyone knows what they need to do to support the project - nothing gets overlooked
  • Project summary, activity guides, reminders automatically emailed

Activity guides

  • Reference materials on all activity types
  • Help you implement successfully
  • Save valuable preparation time