The end-to-end change platform

The easy way to create, implement & track change management plans

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    Change Project Workspace

    The easy to use platform that fits your workflow and saves you time

  • Generate meaningful summaries for leaders, execs & steercos with a click
  • No doublehandling: all your data in one place; searchable, tracked & reportable
  • Capture change impacts quicker & easier
  • Gain visibility into neighboring projects affecting your stakeholders
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    Stakeholders & Org Chart

    ChangePlan syncs your org chart, giving you visibility of change across your whole organization

  • Sync your org chart via an integration with your HR system, or, easily upload your employee list
  • Track stakeholders as individuals, in teams, business units and all levels across projects
  • Your single stakeholder list organizes change information for all your people in one place
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    Portfolio & Enterprise Views

    Leaders are empowered to make better decisions driven by aggregated data & insights across change portfolios

  • Access essential real-time data where you want it: in ChangePlan, via email or your existing business dashboard (WorkBoard, Tableau & more)
  • A single view of enterprise change allows you to set strategy with clear insights into your organization's current & future change posture
  • Preempt change saturation & collision without the need to wait for routine meetings
  • Hold your team accountable with clear planned vs actual results and success metrics
  • Monitor the capacity of your team to deliver additional change and allocate resources more efficiently
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    Change Activity Center

    Create results-oriented Comms & Training Plans to support  your stakeholders

  • Create & schedule a full spectrum of activities, all just a click away
  • Gather feedback automatically via Success Pulse-checks
  • Easily notify Activity Owners & Deliverers of key dates and milestones
  • View & share your activity plan on our unique Kanban board, a Timeline or a table
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    Success Pulse-checks

    Track stakeholder readiness and adoption in real-time

  • Schedule automated pulse checks to gather insights from targeted stakeholders
  • Your stakeholders can respond by simply clicking on a button in the email
  • High response rates: pulse checks typically achieve 65% to 75% completion rates
  • Avoids stakeholder 'survey fatigue' caused by lengthy & complex questionnaires
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    Automated Reporting

    Achieve business goals by making better informed decisions with visual, data driven reports

  • Actionable insights into initiatives including stakeholder readiness & adoption
  • Portfolio & enterprise reporting empowers execs to make scheduling decisions confident of people’s capacity for change
  • Change activity Kanban view shows how you're supporting your stakeholders through each change phase
  • View & share Timelines for change across your project, portfolio, stakeholder group or whole enterprise
  • Change On A Page canvas provides a crisp, single page summary of the initiative
  • Role specific dashboards ensure the right people have the insights they need
  • Work together on initiatives adjusting permissions as needed
  • Empower your team to make better plans with visibility into stakeholder impacts of neighboring projects
  • Prevent rework & speed progress by easily reusing successful elements of other initiatives

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