Change your way

Configured to your organization's approach


We support all change methodologies

We know every organization approaches change differently.

ChangePlan is configured at no-cost to align with your organization's change approach whether you use Prosci®/ADKAR, ACMP’s Standard for Change Management©, AIM or any other methodology.

Some of ChangePlan's configurable settings include:

  • the change-on-a-page canvas
  • change manager deliverables
  • change activity phase names (e.g. Awareness, Interest, Know-how, Ability, Sustainment)
  • change activity types added to ChangePlan's activity menu (training, comms, engagement etc)
  • change impact types
  • initial initiative change complexity assessment
  • change risk categories to match your PM approach
  • stakeholder readiness pulse-check questions
  • stakeholder adoption metric pulse-check questions
  • + much more

Having a system in place helps you to harmonize your approach across your change team, ensuring data is connected and searchable and that metrics can be compared between projects and across portfolios.

And... because your organizational chart can be synced or uploaded, it's quick and easy to specify which stakeholders are affected by each initaitive.

During your demonstration we will be happy to discuss how we can configure ChangePlan to fit your workflow.

See ChangePlan in action

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