Why we built ChangePlan for you

Why we built ChangePlan for you

Hi I’m Gavin Wedell. I’m excited to share the story behind ChangePlan!

About 15 years ago, after finished studying psychology and business, I was running leadership development programs for executives. One of the topics we were really focusing on was leading through change. At the time we were using the John Kotter model.

I decided to make a short video to help introduce the concept of change management for the delegates. Once I’d created that – I’d hand illustrated and animated it – I stuck it on YouTube and was overwhelmed by the response to the video.

Since then, I’ve made it my mission to support organizational change, and to really try and elevate the discipline of organizational change management.

That’s why I’ve created ChangePlan along with my team. ChangePlan is your single view of change and so much more. It’s a software solution, designed to provide organizations with a practical framework to standardize and measure change delivery at project, portfolio and enterprise level as well.

It’s got the flexibility to accommodate any methodology and organization. We’ve worked really hard to make sure the ChangePlan is really easy to use. but also extremely powerful to help you to drive change adoption and provide meaningful metrics.

I’d like to invite you to reach out. We’d love to show you how ChangePlan can support change in your organization.

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