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A single view of change across your organization.

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Coordinate change activities and manage stakeholders across multiple projects.

  • Secure cloud-based platform based on Amazon AWS

  • Supports all approaches, methodologies & agile projects

  • Logins for change agents, sponsors, managers

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Create, share & duplicate change management plans

Schedule and track activities

Supports project portfolio success


A single source-of-truth

Coordinates change activities across projects. Better understanding of stakeholder impacts.


De-risk your project portfolio

Poor alignment, resistance and confusion can represent up to 50% of project risk.


No experience needed

No requirement for time-consuming training programs or costly certifications.


Supports all approaches

Agile? Scrum? No matter your project approach, ChangePlan helps you manage change activities and track stakeholders.


Small initiatives involve change too

Smaller projects may not benefit from a dedicated change manager. Equips non-experts to create robust change plans.


Change methodology friendly

Can be used in support of and alongside all approaches including Prosci, Kotter, LaMarsh & ADKAR.


From the creator of the world's most popular change guides

Change Activation guides are used by some of the world's leading companies

People alignment guarantee

We're passionate about helping organizational projects succeed through effective change management.
We guarantee ChangePlan will ensure projects are better embraced and more successful.