Enterprise change management platform

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ChangePlan helps you plan the right activities at the right time, to ensure stakeholder awareness and ensure seamless, rapid adoption of change.

  • The single place to plan & coordinate people activities for your projects

  • Ensures less resistance, better adoption & long term success

  • Based on proven change management practices

Get people on board with your new

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Create a robust change plan in minutes, not hours

  • List people affected by your project
  • Choose activities for each of the 3 steps
  • Your change management plan is ready to share & implement

It's simple to schedule activities

Change Plan suggests the right communications, training & coaching activities to use at each step

Supports Agile project success

Whether you're an individual or team, Change Plan ensures your project's success


Your single source-of-truth

One place to coordinate all people activities means a more coherent approach and less confusion.


De-risks your project

Poor alignment, resistance and confusion can represent up to 50% of project risk.


No experience needed

Create your change management plan with no need for time-consuming training programs or costly certifications.


Supports your approach

Agile? Scrum? Ad-hoc? No matter your project approach, Change Plan enables you to flexibly manage the people side of things.


Small initiatives need change management too

The majority of organizational projects organizations are small/medium sized and may not benefit from a dedicated change manager. Equips non-experts to create robust change management plans.


Change methodology friendly

Change Plan can be used alongside and in support of all change methodologies, including Prosci, Kotter, LaMarsh & ADKAR.


From the creators of the world's most popular change management guides

Change Activation guides are used by some of the world's leading companies

Our People Alignment Guarantee

We know the conflict and resistance that projects can cause if they don't bring people along. That's why we're passionate about helping you plan projects that properly factor in the human element.

We guarantee that Change Plan will ensure your projects are better embraced and more successful.