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ChangePlan Hero v1.1

Managing change across organizations can be challenging


Change planning is often inconsistent within organizations


Data is spread across many disconnected spreadsheets


It's difficult to aggregate data to portfolio & program levels


Significant effort & administrative work is required to generate reporting


PM apps aren't fit for purpose, lack change reporting features

ChangePlan is the innovative way to manage organizational change

  • Aggregates data for change activities across all projects

  • Create robust change management plans easily

  • Automated reporting saves you time & effort

  • Supports all approaches including Prosci/ADKAR

Who is ChangePlan for?

Change Practitioners

Change Practitioners

Create, monitor and report-on change management plans

Enterprise Change Management Offices

Enterprise Change Management Offices

Coordinate and support those leading change across the organization

Project Managers

Project Managers

Access the change management activities for all your projects

Program & Portfolio Managers

Program & Portfolio Managers

View change activities across portfolios & programs, optimize sequencing to avoid overloading stakeholder groups

Project Sponsors & Leaders

Project Sponsors & Leaders

Analyze the status and effectiveness of all change activities across the organization

Your organizational change dashboard

  • All change projects in one place

  • View progress & current status at a glance

  • Drill down for more details

  • Monitor & support change managers

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Change management planning made easy

Create, implement and monitor change management plans

Artboard – 5


Identify the impacts of what is changing. Link to impacted stakeholders. No sweat.

Artboard – 4


Select affected individuals & groups from the centralized stakeholder list.

Avoid resistance by viewing time impositions of change activities on people across portfolios & programs.

Artboard – 6


Identify, categorize and assess change risks.

Create (or link to existing) mitigating activities. Easy as pie.

Artboard – 3


Plan communications, engagement and training interventions.

Assign and notify activity owners, track time away from BAU.

Generate a timeline to upload into project plans.

Three ways to view change activities

Timeline, Change Phase Kanban or List

Reports are generated automatically

Make better decisions, focus energy on what really matters

  • time away bau
    Time Away from BAU
  • stakeholder matrix
    Stakeholder Matrix
  • portfolio progress
    Program & Portfolio Change Progress
  • stakeholder impacts
    Most Impacted Stakeholders
  • impact_heatmap
    Impacts Heat Map
  • organization progress
    Whole Organizational Change Progress
  • next 2 weeks v2
    Next Two Week's Activities
  • survey
    Survey Results
  • overdue activities
    Overdue Activities
+ more.

Supporting your project portfolio success


A single source-of-truth

Coordinates change activities across projects. Better understanding of stakeholder impacts.


De-risk your project portfolio

Poor alignment, resistance and confusion can represent up to 50% of project risk.

Secure, safe data

Secure cloud platform based on Amazon AWS


All projects create change

Agile? Scrum? No matter your project approach, ChangePlan helps you manage change activities and track stakeholders.


Small initiatives involve change too

Smaller projects may not benefit from a dedicated change manager. Equips non-experts to create robust change plans.


Change methodology friendly

Supports all approaches including Prosci/ADKAR, Kotter & LaMarsh

Email notifications

Reminds activity owners about up and coming change tasks

Stakeholder feedback

Set ChangePlan to survey stakeholder readiness & change effectiveness. Results are collated automatically.


Tiered user access

Logins for change practitioners, sponsors, managers


From the creators of the world's most popular change guides

Change Activation guides are used by some of the world's leading companies

Our mission

We're passionate about helping ensure organizational projects succeed via effective change management. We've worked hard to ensure that ChangePlan makes projects better adopted and more successful.

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