Harmonize change data across your applications



ChangePlan can integrate with other applications to simplify your workflow

Use your change data how you want.

We can configure ChangePlan to share data with your organization's applications and to receive data from these applications.

Use cases:

  • Your project team may want visibility over key change milestones
  • Leaders want to view the time away from regular work due to change activities
  • Executives want access to real-time data on readiness and adoption metrics

ChangePlan and project management (PM) apps

ChangePlan integrates with project management apps including

  • MS Project
  • JIRA
  • JIRA align
  • Confluence
  • + more

Choose which data automatically syncs with your PM app, including

  • key change milestones
  • specific change activities
  • change risks
  • delivery team utilization
  • adoption metrics

Use cases

  • You want to track project dependencies from within ChangePlan so your change activities remain aligned with the project timeline
  • Your project team wants real time insights and visibility of progress
  • Your leaders want access to data about their team
  • Planners want access to data to perform more detailed analytics
  • Executives want customized dashboards to track resource capacity and capabilities

ChangePlan and HR and employee directory apps

ChangePlan's innovative org chart stakeholder feature harmonizes your organizational chart automatically.

ChangePlan integrates with HRIS systems including:

  • Workday
  • Active Directory
  • + more

Don't see your app here? We'll build a custom integration to meet your needs to simplify & speed your workflow.

See ChangePlan in action

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