Change leads: How ChangePlan can help you oversee your teams & enhance their change capability


When the pace of change is so fast it can be challenging for change leads managing a change team with a large portfolio to stay on top of everything that’s happening.

Your change team is often working so fast on all their change management tasks  and change capability that they may struggle to

  • keep you informed of their progress
  • show you their plans
  • discuss difficult stakeholders

How do you know your team is making progress? How do you know when and where they might need help? 

change capability in change management


How ChangePlan can help you


All the critical data in one place

When you and your team use ChangePlan to capture all the stakeholder, change and impact analysis and change activity plans, all the critical data is held in one place. You won’t struggle to find files stored in difference folders and work in multiple systems.

Track deliverables

Your team will be able to create their deliverables plan; that is a schedule for building the change management plan. This one-stop-shop will give you visibility on how they are progressing and help them keep on track.

Timeline view

The Timeline provides a Gantt Chart visual of what’s planned to facilitate discussion which will quickly give you a sense of each initiative.

Oversight of all initiatives

You will have oversight of each initiative’s stakeholder change activities enabling you to provide timely advice on areas such as how to deal with tricky stakeholders and the most appropriate change activities to mitigate specific change impacts.

Dashboard gives you a quick snapshot

Each initiative has a dashboard giving you a quick snapshot of status, overview of the stakeholder and impact analysis and change readiness as the initiative progresses. This view is excellent for the weekly catch-up with a team member and it’s real time so neither of you will have to spend time pulling data together to create the content.

Aggregated view of activities

You will have an aggregated view of all the change activities across the portfolio so when it’s important you can advise on combining certain activities for some stakeholders when this makes sense. This will not only save your team time, it may minimize the activity burden for your stakeholders. Take a look at the full list of features.


ChangePlan efficiently enables you to provide great coaching for your team and ensure effective delivery. Being able to ask the right questions, and provide specific and timely feedback, empowering your team to ‘get on with it’ while checking in regularly.

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