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As a change manager, having data at your fingertips is critical to being able to keep your finger on the pulse of your change initiatives and have a seat at the strategic change table.

If you want your organization to understand the value of change management, it is critical you provide leadership with timely information that gives them the visibility to

  • manage and synchronize change initiatives
  • avoid change saturation
  • have the confidence that change delivery is delivering ROI

Five quick wins ChangePlan brings enterprise change teams that boosts capability:

1. Standardizes and streamlines

So many tools and templates confuse and clutter, making for inefficiency.

As your single source of truth for change, ChangePlan streamlines capturing the basic data that serves as the foundation of any change management delivery:

what’s changing
what’s the impact and who is being impacted
what communications and other change activities are required

2. It’s quick to learn

ChangePlan is intuitive to use and quick to learn, meaning it’s easier for you to encourage all your change management resources to use it, both in-house and contract change managers.

And as it works with all change management methodologies, you can continue to work the way you do, just more quickly.

3. Visibility and transparency

ChangePlan gives your organization visibility over all change management initiatives.

You can zoom in to a single project view to view details of all change activities, stakeholders and impacts.

You can zoom out to an enterprise-wide view to help leaders and project managers

understand what’s working and not working in change delivery
prioritise and sequence initiatives
view the impact of no-go periods in the calendar

We can also set up read-only views for leaders and sponsors that give them a rolled-up, high-level view that is always kept updated in real-time.

4. Heatmaps of change impacts across all initiatives

Two unique features that ChangePlan brings are its impact and activity burden heatmaps.

These show you the impacts on stakeholder groups across all initiatives and portfolios as well as the amount of time they will pull these people away from their regular business-as-usual (BAU) roles.

5. Organization-wide change timeline

ChangePlan also has a timeline view that lets you view all change initiatives over time. You can filter this to see particular portfolios or just initiatives that will impact particular stakeholder groups. And – you can easily export reports of all change management activities for any given period.

To see more, schedule a demo with our team or view the latest list of features.

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