ChangePlan Reporting: five ways to oversee and report on multiple change initiatives


One of the biggest trends we’ve witnessed over the last few years is that organizational change managers are responsible for overseeing an increasing number of change initiatives. ChangePlan Reporting presents a promising solution to efficiently manage this trend.

As this responsibility has increased, a significant challenge lies in being able to quickly access key information and generate reporting on progress of each of the change initiatives change managers oversee, when this is requested by individuals including leaders, sponsors, change portfolio leads and change management offices (CMOs).

Pulling together accurate data quickly isn’t easy. We waste valuable time trying to pull together data from a myriad of disconnected Excel sheets, PowerPoint slides and documents. Worse still, data is often stored over various places. Cutting and pasting together data in an ad-hoc manner is time-consuming and error-prone.

This led is to wonder, wouldn’t it be easier if there was one single source of truth for change?

Five ways ChangePlan helps change managers manage and report-on multiple change initiatives

ChangePlan is a platform for all your change management data. It enables you to show the status of change management initiatives in real-time helping you to keep on top of your work and discuss with key stakeholders.


1. All your initiatives, summarized on one page

Your summary of all your change initiatives, providing a snapshot of progress.

  • quickly review status at a glance
  • see outstanding tasks & activities
  • understand change health via rolled-up readiness scores

changeplan reporting











2. Your dashboard of key activities

The Home dashboard for each initiative provides a status view for the change management: planning activities and end user execution activities.

  • stay on top of what’s happening
  • its easy to keep track of your tasks & deliverables

changeplan reporting


3. Your progress through the change

ChangePlan includes a space for you to make and update your plan for how you’ll work to stay on track.


4. Your timeline of all change activities

A Gantt Chart visual of whats planned to facilitate discussion.


5. Real-time reports made easy

If you’re asked to share progress, you have a number of options: you can set up a call and share your screen, download and send a report or screenshot or even arrange a read-only login for them so they have real-time visibility of progress.

To learn more about ChangePlan Reporting capabilities, book your demo now.

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