For enterprise

For enterprise


Small and medium sized projects need change management too!

  • All projects rely on people adopting new behaviors, such as adapting to new technologies or using processes
  • ChangePlan ensures projects that would otherwise be unsupported have a robust change management plan

ChangePlan helps because change managers can't be everywhere

  • Many organizations don't have the luxury of dedicated change managers
  • And those organizations that have change managers tend to only be able to assign them to large projects
  • ChangePlan ensures people planning projects without change manager guidance are still able to create a change management plan to ensure their people are engaged
Project sizes

Linear change models can't keep up with today's projects

  • Proprietary step-by-step methodologies aren't nimble enough for the way people work today
  • With ChangePlan it's fast and easy to create, share and track change management activities that support your projects

Supports agile development

  • Scrum masters & product owners often find that end users aren't kept up-to-date with changes due to agile's iterative cycles
  • ChangePlan is the perfect partner for agile projects, ensuring end users are engaged and aren't left in the lurch

A digital change platform

  • Capture data on change management effectiveness across your organization
  • Track impact on stakeholder groups and individuals
  • ChangePlan lets you rapidly deploy and scale change mangement capability organization-wide

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