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Chatting change trends with Emile Massenat

Emile Massenat is the owner and Co-Founder of Awan & Associates, a boutique consulting agency in Ottawa. Emile specializes in providing customized consulting services that help clients navigate complex organizational changes and drive business transformation. As a principal and co-founder of Awan & Associates, he works with senior executive leaders, board members, and front-line staff to help drive value, enable significant business transformation, and operationalize strategic priorities. With a focus on relationship, innovation, and agility, he has built a reputation for delivering exceptional results and exceeding client expectations.

Emile sat down with ChangePlan’s Gavin Wedell to discuss the dynamic landscape of change management, including the impact of AI, the motivations for change in different sectors, and the varying receptiveness of industries to change management initiatives. They also explored the balance between project-based and organizational change management and the diverse backgrounds that change managers come from.

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