Do 70% of change initiatives fail? Our expert panel settles the question for good

Sharon Connolly and Gilbert Kruidenier

Gilbert Kruidenier is a change communication manager, author, and lecturer with over 20 years of experience in change communication and project management. He currently works at Super Retail Group and was named Change Management Institute Volunteer of the Year for 2023. Sharon Connolly, known as Australia’s best-known change manager and the Change Superhero, provides invaluable resources through her business, including PowerPoint templates, courses, and tips. She also serves as the Chief Product Strategist at ChangePlan.

Gilbert and Sharon sat down with ChangePlan’s Gavin Wedell to discuss the provocative topic of why the widely quoted statistic that 70% of change management initiatives fail is misleading. They delve into what change management truly entails and the varied roles change managers play in different organizational contexts.

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