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Just prior to writing this blog, I spoke with a senior change manager at a large utility. The biggest challenge facing her team of 20 change managers is to manage multiple change initiatives effectively, while maintaining an accurate overview of activities.

This is precisely why we built ChangePlan, the platform for change teams. We’ve created digital infrastructure that allows change teams help their organizations at scale.

Here are three major ways that ChangePlan helps teams to manage multiple change initiatives:

1. ChangePlan automates reporting

Stakeholder reports & timelines

ChangePlan’s Stakeholder view shows details of every initiative, impact and activity targeting any stakeholder group or individual across the organization. And… you can instantly generate a change timeline for that stakeholder.

manage multiple change initiatives

Portfolio change complexity

ChangePlan’s inbuilt high-level change assessment can be conducted quickly for each initiative. View and share change complexity across your portfolio, multiple portfolios or your whole organization.

multiple change initiatives

Enterprise-wide Impact heatmaps

ChangePlan’s heatmap makes it easy to understand the impacts across your portfolio or whole organization over time. Because ChangePlan maps your organizational chart, you can view the heatmap for all areas of the organization, at any level of granularity, either choosing to view an aggregated heatmap over each division, or zooming in to view per team.

multiple change initiatives

Stakeholder time away from regular work (business-as-usual)

ChangePlan not only tracks change impacts, but also tracks the time away from regular ‘business-as-usual’ work for each stakeholder that change activities will incur for each initiative, giving you much more robust understanding of the change burden. This is shown in the unique ‘Activity burden’ heatmap.

Portfolio-wide communication plans

Easily generate and export a list of all comms (or all change management activities) across your portfolio for a given time period.hangePlan’s heatmap makes it easy to understand the impacts across your portfolio or whole organization over time.

2. ChangePlan maps your organizational chart

ChangePlan is configured with a map of your organizational chart. This makes it quick and easy to select stakeholder groups affected by change. Because all change team members are using a single stakeholder list, you can view impacts from multiple initiatives on a particular stakeholder group, or view how much time away from work all change initiatives are imposing on a group.

3. A single source of truth for change for your whole organization

Having one place for all your change data means that ChangePlan is your collaboration workbench, with working with the latest information, with no time-consuming delays requesting or finding data.

Finally, ChangePlan:

  • is super intuitive to use and quick to get started with
  • allows you to upload your existing project data easily
  • is ISO 27001 certified with enterprise-level security
  • offers single-sign-on


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