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Get started with Change Plan

Your step-by-step guide to building your first Change Plan!

Create a new plan

After you sign up to Change Plan, you'll arrive at the Plans page:



Now enter some basic information about your project:

  • Name
    • for example 'Office equipment renewal', 'Email system upgrade', 'Shipping process optimization', etc
  • Start and due dates
    • you can skip this if you aren't sure yet
  • Add stakeholders
    • these are the individuals and groups that will be affected by the project
    • enter each name individually, then click the 'Add as a new person/group' button below
    • these details are helpful later so that you can track which activities are targeting which particular people and groups

Add activities

After creating your plan, you'll arrive at your Change Board, with columns for each of Change Plan's 3 steps:


To build your Change Plan, you add activities to each column.



This brings up the Add activity popup, from which you can select the type of activity you would like to add.


As you hover over the activity icons you'll see a description in the help bar on the right side. If you'd like to learn more about any of the activities, click on the activity and then 'LEARN MORE'.


Enter details for the activity

  • Description
    • You can add details or notes about the content of the activity. This is especially helpful if someone other than yourself is responsible for implementing the activity.
  • Delivery date
    • Enter the date for the activity to take place
  • Person responsible
    • The name and email address of the person responsible for doing making the activity happen.
    • By default, Change Plan will list you as the person responsible for implementing the activity, but you can assign the activity to a colleague by entering their name and email address.
    • You can also click to notify that person via email.
  • People this activity targets
    • By default, Change Plan includes all stakeholders as targets of each activity, however if you wish for a particular activity to only target a subset of the stakeholders, you can click to delete particular stakeholders.

Click 'SAVE' to add the activity to the Change Board:


Hey presto! You've created a new activity card on your Change Board!

Each activity card lists the activity type, an excerpt of the description, due date and the person responsible. It also has a check-box that you can use to mark the activity as completed.




If you'd like to edit or view the activity, click on the activity card.


Add more activities

By adding activities for each of the 3 steps, you'll prepare a robust change management plan for your project.


How many activities should I plan for each step?

Each of the steps has a checklist you can access, by clicking the information icon on the top right of its column:


These checklists can be used as guides for the activities you plan. A good approach is to make sure that the activities you've planned cover all of the points in the checklist.

The scope of your project and how many people it will affect will also guide how many activities you'll need at each of the 3 steps.

For a small project, you may only need 1 or 2 activities to cover all of the checklist points for each step.

But if you're planning a larger project, you may need 5 or more activities for each of the steps:


Share and implement


Share the Change Management Report

Click 'VIEW REPORT' on the top right of the Change Board screen to access your project's Change Management Report.

You can share the Change Management Report with your project sponsor or manager to keep them updated of the progress of people activities.


Click 'SHARE' at the top right, to invite others to view-only access to this report:


Notify people responsible for activities

If you haven't already notified people responsible for the activities you've planned by clicking 'Notify now' in the activity window, you can click on each activity and then click on the Notify now button. This will send an email to the person responsible for the activity that notifies them of:

  • the activity type, date, purpose and description
  • the target stakeholders
  • the project it is supporting

The email also has a link to a guide with more details about the activity type.


Mark the activities complete

Tick them off as they are completed to keep the Change Management Report up-to-date.

Need further assistance?

Email us at or message us using the messenger at the bottom right corner of the Change Plan app. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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