How a single stakeholder list boosts program success

Newsletter September 2022

Gavin Wedell
Gavin Wedell

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  1. Digital solutions like ChangePlan are already making change management practice more effective & data-driven. But how will AI change the game?
  2. How to boost program success via a single stakeholder list
  3. Download your 'Light Hearted Guide to Change Stakeholders' poster, a training tool used in over 20,000 organizations
  4. An invitation to Lead Change 2022


The Application and Impact of Data Science & AI on Change Management

By Alan Bostakian, PhD

This future-focused article gives insights into how data science will contribute to change management. We're already working on some of the techniques the author describes including utilizing change history & simulations to build predictive models.


How a single stakeholder list boosts program success

A scary truth: Most change teams do not have the ability to track the aggregated impacts of multiple projects & programs on stakeholders. That means there's greater likelihood of confusion, communications overload, change fatigue & resistance.

Learn how ChangePlan's single stakeholder list can be used across projects, portfolios & programs to boost program success in this quick micro-learn:


A Light-hearted guide to Change Stakeholders

This fun poster identifies 35 people and groups commonly found during changes within organizations, describing how they are likely to react to changes and some of their other unique characteristics.



Join us at Lead Change 2022


Lead Change is always a fantastic virtual conference. This year I'll be presenting with Sonja Botha, Change Management Lead, New Zealand from Downer Group on 'How Digitizing OCM Helped our Leaders Make More Timely Decisions'.

More about ChangePlan

  • By cleverly centralizing data, ChangePlan frees your people to be more people focused while remaining data-driven
  • Instant insights across your projects & portfolios at a click
  • Helps demonstrate change saturation to leaders
  • It’s easy to get started with and import inflight projects
  • Allows your team to continue to work your own way without requiring adherence to a proprietary methodology


If you missed our last newsletter, we announced major new features and reporting capabilities that you can read about here.

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