Sarah Sontheimer, Senior Manager, Organizational Change Management, Patrick Engineering shares her thoughts on using ChangePlan for the ERP initiative she led across the U.S.

Our organization of 350 employees used ChangePlan to aid in an enterprise resource planning installation.

Every member of the organization would need to do something different. And we wanted a tool that helped us manage the varying impacts and activities within each stakeholder group.

I love using this platform because of the ease of navigation and the ownership of certain settings, the change methodology my company used, and the type of impacts we had already identified are seamlessly integrated into change plan.

I appreciate that they considered this and support organizations where they are with their current change management capabilities.

Using ChangePlan benefited us in many ways. One of my favorite features is the through line of a change activity. When inputting a change activity, you're linking to a stakeholder group, you're assigning an amount of time and the level of impact in addition to linking a potential risk to identifying dependencies. And you have the ability to automatically solicit feedback on key tasks.

The completeness of the design is excellent. It improves change management for us, thanks to the reporting and heat maps available.

It is important to show leadership that we're never talking about just one change. ChangePlan allows us to look at the impacts of the several changes, always happening and gives a clear picture of how much time and energy the overlap of these changes require.

I'm grateful for the ChangePlan team for creating this platform and continuing to listen to the feedback of their practitioners.

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