Pulse checks

Pulse-check feature

ChangePlan includes two categories of pulse-checks:

  1. Track stakeholder readiness
  2. Track project adoption

These are standardized for all initiatives across your organization to ensure that pulse-checks can be utilized comparison metrics across multiple initiatives. Pulse-checks are a single question so that they follow the NPS approach.


The five readiness pulse-check questions relate to the change phase (stakeholder journey phase, e.g. ADKAR).
Default ("out-of-the-box") readiness questions:

  • Phase 1. I am aware of the changes coming and the reason for them
  • Phase 2. I am supportive of the change
  • Phase 3. I know what I have to do
  • Phase 4. I know how to perform effectively in the future state
  • Phase 5. I am applying the change

Readiness pulse-checks can be set to send following an activity to gather feedback, or on their own. The question is always based on the change phase.

Set set a pulse-check following an activity:

Click on the +NEW button on the initiative Activities page:

Toggle on in the Add Activity popup.


To set up a pulse-check on its own (without an activity):

Click on the +PULSE CHECK button on the initiative Activities page:

Choose the change phase for the pulse check:

The pulse check question for that phase will be displayed.

Set the date and target stakeholders.


There are three adoption pulse-check questions that relate to the metrics of uptake, proficiency and success outcome.

Default ("out-of-the-box") adoption questions:

  • Uptake: I regularly utilise the outcomes of the project
  • Proficiency: I am proficient with the new way of working
  • Usage outcome: I feel that the outcome of the project has been positive


To set up an adoption pulse-check:

Click on the +PULSE CHECK button on the initiative Activities page:

Choose the adoption metric for the pulse check:

The pulse check question for that adoption metric will be displayed:

Set the date and target stakeholders:



Data input from pulse checks are consolidated in the initiative report pages for 'Readiness' and 'Adoption'.


Readiness by group

For readiness, you can see bar charts showing aggregated readiness levels across change phases. You can select which org chart level (e.g. division/business unit/team) to view by.

Below, a table displays the results of each pulse check. Each pulse-check is listed on a row, which can be expanded as an accordion to show the results of specific individuals as well as any additional qualitative (text) details that a stakeholder has added.



Adoption metrics by group

For adoption, you see bar charts for the three adoption metrics. We will be adding support for additional metrics to this report soon.

The specific results are shown in a table below, similar to the Readiness report



Whole initiative readiness & adoption

The results of pulse checks are aggregated across each initiative on the 'All initiatives' table:


Portfolio-wide readiness

The portfolio table shows aggregated readiness scores across all initiatives within each portfolio:


Portfolio adoption

We have just launched a new feature report that shows & allows comparison of adoption levels at the portfolio level. This is available in the 'All Initiatives Reports' section:

Stakeholder scores across an initiative

We will be adding a table that shows the feedback stakeholders have given for an initiative. This is only per initiative and will only be visible to those people with permission to view the initiative.



Development roadmap for pulse-checks & survey capabilities

We are actively developing these features in consultation with our user organizations. Some features in development:

  • company ability to create additional readiness and adoption metrics
  • track changes over time
  • sponsor assessment questionnaire
  • initial change readiness assessment
  • multiple question pulse-checks
  • pulse-checks delivered via text message & via MS Teams



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